Cerberus Vault

Cerberus Vault

SKU: CERChCurCed01

Cherry hardwood vault with curly maple top and spanish cedar lining.

Includes rolling tray, two cherry hardwood dividers, one cherry hardwood jar holder and two airtight 1.5oz glass jars.

  • Dimensions: 11in Width x 7in Depth x 4.5in Height
  • Gold plated brass hardware, non rusting and tarnishing
  • One gold plated key included
  • Cherry rolling tray included
  • Two cherry dividers included
  • Cherry jar holder and two airtight glass jars included
  • Hinges with "lid-stay" hold the lid open upright
  • Spanish cedar lining to protect the contents
  • All surfaces, except for the untreated inner lining, are finished with a natural oil/wax. They can be refreshed with oil based furniture polish.




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